Monday, October 31, 2011

House rape

This is Halloween, and I am particularly missing my lovely rambling old house today.

I called the friend back home who is checking up on things.

The Very Bad People have been at it again. This time they have sliced through all the wires coming from the road and actually stolen the meter box. That's right, the meter box that belongs to the power company.

What the? Did I put a sign out on my house, saying "cut me apart to little pieces, I'll like it?"

A friend of mine commented today on how so many girls like to dress up for Halloween by wearing "as little as possible," the implication being that this was a Bad Thing.

If the girl wants to do that, that's her business.

If I have pressing business taking me away from my house for 6 months (or more, dammit!), that's my business.

Neither one gives anyone the right to touch.

My house can't scream and identify its attacker and press charges, though.

It's an old, old house.

I hope it's haunted, and I hope they try something tonight.

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